Detoxification Programs

According to the World Health Organization phthalates, BPA (bisphenol-A), mercury, lead, arsenic, parabens, PCB’s, Cadmium are everywhere! These toxins disrupt hormone cascades in the body, inhibit the bodies ability to detoxify, disrupt kidney and liver function and disrupt the central nervous system.

Did you know that of all the humans tested for styrene levels (one of the most abundant toxins in our atmosphere) there has never been one human found to NOT have detectable Styrene!

Our exposure to these toxins is a given, as they are everywhere, even in the most pristine areas of our planet. Even organic egg yolks have been shown to have PCB’s. The goal, then is to optimize the body’s ability to excrete these toxins and care for the organs that detoxify these substances.

There are many ways to detoxify, cleanse and optimize the body’s ability to handle the pollutants it encounters. We help to guide our patients through 1-3 week detoxification programs as well as juice cleansing and short water fasting.

We do recommend pre and post detoxification blood testing and urinary testing. Our program does include clinical nutritional counseling,  and lifestyle management to optimize the program.

If you have been diagnosed with auto immune condition, are suffering from memory loss or cognitive decline, failing to respond well to your hormone therapies, have low testosterone, suffering from the inability to lose weight despite your efforts, have high cortisol or have been diagnosed with cancer or are a cancer survivor, evaluation of environmental toxins can help to get your health moving in the right direction.