Role of insurance at our practice

By Stephen W. Parcell, ND

We do not “take” insurance but this only means we do not bill insurance. Our services are an excellent complement to conventional insurance based care. Most people do not know that much of what we do can be covered by insurance. Our current nationwide health insurance problems only add to the confusion.


Its impossible to say with complete certainty that something will be covered, especially in these changing times, however, typically there is insurance coverage for blood testing, prescriptions, X Rays, MRIs, EKGs, colonoscopy, mammograms and other imaging.

The term “covered” means that the insurance company acknowledges the diagnosis and approves of the necessary blood work and other tests. Then, this cost id put towards you deductible.

The insurance “handshake” occurs between the lab, pharmacy or imaging facility and the insurance company not between the doctor and the insurance company. 

Not covered:

The visit is not covered but can go through a flexible spending account or HSA.

Intravenous or ultraviolet light treatments.

Nutraceuticals, botanicals and other supplements.

Medicare patients can not get anything covered by us. Labs and visits must be “out of pocket.”

If you have Kaiser nothing is covered from us.