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The Added Benefits of Glutathione

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Glutathione is an intracellular antioxidant and one of the most important ways our cells protect themselves from toxins in oxidative stress both in the environment and generated internally. The interest in taking it both orally and intravenously is not new. The lungs use it extensively to heal damage and protect against the inhalation of pollution, and it’s needed for healthy response to lung infections.

Human data for intravenous glutathione is limited however. The data that does exist is strong for organ protection during chemotherapy, skin lightening, and restoration of proper kidney function after imaging contrast toxicity. Interesting how much data there is on skin lightening and using glutathione IVs to make skin whiter seems ridiculous. There is also a reasonable data for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Instead of conducting studies regarding skin whitening they should do more human studies on Parkinson’s.

Glutathione in a Meyer’s Cocktail for Athletes

There isn’t data on wellness or exercise performance despite that glutathione appears to be effective for exercise recovery, recovery from lung infections, vital organ protection during toxic metal chelation especially with mercury, and possibly recovery from hangovers. Athletes, in particular, report benefits upon receiving glutathione in addition to a Meyer’s cocktail. Also, glutathione has been a standard of treatment for patients with very high mercury levels undergoing dental revision. When mercury fillings are removed very high levels may be seen in the blood. In sensitive patients this may make them feel very ill and even affect kidney function. It is very unfortunate that more dentists do not know about this or send people for it.

Glutathione in Treatment of Parkinson’s

I can tell you that after treating about 20 patients and 20 years of Parkinson’s treatment experience, approximately 70 percent respond. Motor function improves which includes facial expression, speech, walking, tremors, and the ability to get up out of a chair. I wish more Parkinson’s patients knew about this and had the resources to get this treatment. Fortunately continuous treatments are needed as it does not last for more than two weeks.

Overall, adding glutathione to a Myers cocktail will provide additional benefit for most patients.