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Cancer Cell Analysis and Chemotherapy Sensitivity Testing

Each patient’s cancer has a specific genetic and molecular signature that may dramatically affect how it will respond to different treatments. These test are availible through our clinic in Boulder, CO.

Tumor cell analysis

N-of-One (biopsy specimen needed). Caris Diagnostics (biopsy specimen needed).These may help determine any specific signaling molecules evident on the surface or interior of the cancer cell. This can then lead towards the appropriate targeting agents, agents that are targeted directly at the mutation or the finding.

This can be very valuable in the naturopathic setting as well however many “small molecules” or targeting agents are only available under clinical trial but we have developed methodologies to interface with such if necessary. It may be reimbursable via Medicare or just covered expense

Chemo sensitivity testing on Circulating tumor cells

Ok if you are open to chemotherapy based on the results…. also known as the Greek test. The only lab that does this complete job is RGCC Gen-Lab in Athens, Greece. We have sent there before and have had good results when our patients undergo the chemotherapies that the test suggests.