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We have a new service that we are extremely excited about. Some of you may have heard of ultraviolet blood irradiation (UVB) for killing bacteria and viruses, or the use of lasers over injuries for healing. Different types of light therapy include infrared red light such as that used in saunas, a low-level laser which is applied externally for injuries, and light therapy for use in the winter for depression. Now, we have a device that provides Photobiomodulation* (PBM) and can deliver a variety of different wavelengths throughout the entire circulation of the body. This device is called a Photonx Energy Station. This is the latest technology for delivering different wavelengths of light directly to the bloodstream. The light is delivered under the tongue to the vascular bed, and comparative studies demonstrate this is the best method; better than intravenous or merely delivering the light over the skin. A crazy thing about light therapy is how many names it has. The currently preferred name is Photobiomodulation but that's a pretty scientific and difficult name. We at NatureMed like to call it light therapy. Other common terms that mean the same thing are: red light therapy, cold laser therapy, nonthermal LED...