Mountain and stream

Day 1 of 4-week weight loss program with Dr Kelly

Today is day 1 of the 4 week Dietbet program! Many times today I heard a voice in my head say, “Its only day 1, a few crackers is not going to make a difference”, or another voice saying, “Its only the first day, I dont have to exercise today, I will start tomorrow.”
These messages are so defeating! I had to coach myself away from the crackers with peanutbutter and then make myself go for a run this morning. It was going to be so easy to just sit at home, early in the morning, nice and quiet, with the kids asleep and sip my coffee and stare into space for the only time all day. But, I snapped myself out of it and thought, “no, I have to start today and go for this run because I will feel better later today.” Sure enough, I was right.
When those self sabbotaging messages are taking over your thoughts, stop them in their tracks by saying, “No, I am going to succeed today!”