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Vaccine controversies continue! Gardasil vaccine in the news!

Lead Developer of HPV Vaccines Comes Clean and Warns Parents, Young Girls that It Is All A Deadly Scam (

I have a patient right now who was part of the Gardasil Vaccine trials and her story is devastating. You may look at the source of this article and see that it is a controversial nay-sayer journal, however, it does correlate to the stories I have heard from my patient. I went on to comb through the literature on sites that are reputable research sites only to find validation for my skepticism all of these years. Just on PubMed alone, I found over 30 studies on the issues and concerns of the Gardasil vaccine. Those that reported positive findings had very limited parameters of success. Many, many others listed similar side effects and concerns as Dr Harper’s report. Here is a report from 2013 that you may find interesting:

Unfortunatly, as parents and patients, the days of trusting your provider and mainstream medicine advice are over. The infiltration and influence of the pharmaceutical industry on patient care is completely out of control! It also happens in the supplement industry and as providers, we are constantly questioning the quality and efficacy studies behind what a company may claim.

Medicine needs to return to patient-centered care. Doctors need time to do their own homework and to have time to research and question the authority given to the pharmaceutical industry. The vaccine industry is one of the most corrupt of them all.
Always question the need and necessity of a recommended vaccine whenever you can. We can help you sort through how to do vaccines safely and help to demystify the industry of vaccination. We take time to research answers for our patients whether it be conventional or alternative treatments. My approach is always patient centered and I want you to thrive and be healthy!

Stay tuned for the next blog on the MMR vaccine!