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“Vital Female” Program Encourages Women to Build Their Foundational Health

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NatureMed Clinic and Dr. Kelly Parcell are excited to announce a specialized upcoming program. The Vital Female virtual sessions will focus on women’s health topics such as nutrition, sleep, bone and heart health, hormones, and more.

Program: Vital Female

Duration: 8-week intensive program. 90 minute weekly sessions. Sessions are recorded for participants.

Platform: Virtual, Zoom

Dates: August 22 to October 10

Days: Tuesdays, 5:30pm-7:00pm

Cost: $1,120

Registration: This program has concluded. Contact NatureMed Clinic about future programs: 303-884-7557



Dr. Kelly Parcell has led her practice rooted in the principles of naturopathic medicine leading with Docere: Doctor As Teacher. She is committed to teaching patients about their bodies, what is happening, and how to fix it. She believes strongly in the patient-doctor relationship and learns as much from her patients as they do from her. What is most important in a woman’s health is the underlying metabolic state and no hormone, pill, or potion will work well without the foundations of health being addressed.


Session Format:

  • Introduction
  • Topic discussed
  • Q/A
  • Plan/challenge
  • Closing remarks/questions/comments


Vital Female Weekly Session Topics:

Food & Hydration

  • How much water should I drink and when? Different types of water and more.
  • Vegan diets, Paleo diets, Keto diets: what is best and why?
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Dairy and other foods, what is healthy and what should I do?


  • Sleep hygiene, what you need to know
  • Prescription meds tailored based upon your genes
  • Natural alternatives for improving mood
  • Anxious, irritable, sad, is it my hormones?


  • Is it working?
  • How to optimize digestion
  • Am I absorbing my nutrients?
  • Candida, histamine and more

Brain Health

  • Why do I have brain fog?
  • Alzheimers, how to prevent it
  • Nutrients for the brain
  • Lifestyle for the brain

Bone Health

  • Can I regain lost density?
  • How to prevent fractures
  • Everything you want to know about supplements for bone health
  • Hormones and bone health
  • Milk does the body good! Or does it?

Heart Health

  • The truth about your risk profile
  • Lab testing
  • The truth about cholesterol and heart disease
  • How to prevent heart disease

Weight Management/Optimization

  • Guest presenter
  • Prevent menopausal shoulder
  • How to exercise for weight management
  • The truth about weight management
  • Tools to use for weight management

Hormone Optimization and Hormone Replacement (prescription and non prescription)

  • Natural hormone support
  • Is hormone replacement safe?
  • Everything you wanted to know and more, from 24 years of experience


Each week, participants will have 90 minutes with Dr. Kelly Parcell. She will answer your questions, teach you about your health and body, and create a platform to learn and grow as a group of rockstar women. The purpose of this eight-week intensive program is to teach women about the foundations of health and provide a space for information to be shared and practiced.

This program has concluded. Contact NatureMed Clinic about future programs: 303-884-7557