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B12 shots for energy and weight loss?

Steve Parcell, ND
Boulder, CO

According to marketing experts, gaining popularity lately are B12 shots. When asked how they work for weight issues Parcell says ” I think they work in some people because some people are actually low in vitamin B12. B12 is needed for red blood cell synthesis and we get our oxygen delivered to all the oragans and tissues in our bodies via red blood cells”. Without oxygen there is no metabolism and no fat burning. When asked how these shots could work in people who are not low in B12 Parcell says “for some reason people feel better even if they are not low in B12 and I don’t think its a placebo effect. B12 is also involved in gene methylation (turning genes on and off) as well as forming the myelin sheath that surounds nerves so there are are other ways it can help. I have seen neuropathy get better with B12 shots even though the patient was not deficient”. B12 should be preservative free because the preservative Aluminum is used, a toxic metal that most of us get too much of.