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Key naturopathic treatments for multiple sclerosis

Vitamin B12 deficiency and elevated homocysteine

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Vitamin D 

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High dose vitamin C to kill Epstein Barr virus (no conventional treatment for EBV exists; IV Vit C is the best)

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Testing and treatment of oxidative stress

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Testing and treatment of toxic metals overload

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Solvent and environmental detoxification

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Magnesium (intravenous preferred)

  • Magnesium Concentration in Brains From Multiple Sclerosis Patients, Yasui, M., et al, ACTA Neurol. Scand., 1990;81:197-200

Testing and treatment of “leaky gut”

  • Multiple Sclerosis Patients Have Peripheral Blood CD45RO+ B Cells and Increased Intestinal Permeability, Yacyshyn, Bruce, M.D., et al, Digestive Diseases and Sciences, December, 1996;41(12):2493-2498

Treat hormone deficiencies

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Essential fats and antioxidants

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Low sat fat diet

Effect of Low Saturated Fat Diet in Early and Late Cases of Multiple Sclerosis, Swank, Roy Laver and Dugan, Barbara Brewer, The Lancet, July 7, 1990;336:37-39