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Heart Problems in Athletes

Stephen. W. Parcell, ND here. I specialize in cardiovascular medicine at NatureMed, Boulder, CO. My approach is comprehensive. I spends more time learning about patients so that a holistic, patient centered model can be implemented. I work closely with athletes in both the prevention and treatment of many conditions including cardiovascular. 

The Scientific Basis for Chelation Therapy


EDTA chelation therapy is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a treatment for lead and heavy metal poisoning. About one million people in the United States are treated with EDTA chelation therapy every year. Chelation therapy is a medical treatment that improves cellular function by removing toxic metals (such as lead and arsenic) and abnormally elevated tissue levels of nutritional minerals (such as cobalt and iron) EDTA is best administered intravenously (through a vein).

Hormones and Prostate Cancer

adrenal position

The hormonal hypothesis is one of the most important biologically plausible hypotheses in prostate cancer etiology. In addition to hormones, other possible causative factors include; dietary fat, calcium, dairy products and genetic polymorphisms.  The purpose of this paper is to provide a background for the understanding of how various hormones may be implicated in this disease. Because of the difficulty in measuring hormones within the prostate itself and the lack of data on how tissue levels of hormones correlate with serum levels much of what we know on the relationship between hormones and prostate cancer is speculative [1].  Epidemiological studies have used serum levels of androgens. Out of 12 prospective studies on the role of serum androgens in prostate cancer only one was able to show that men with higher serum levels of testosterone have a higher risk of prostate cancer [1].

Intravenous Iron helpful for Athletes

Iron for Athletes

Iron helps form hemoglobin, the part of the red blood cell that carries oxygen and thus plays an important role in the body’s delivery of oxygen to working muscles. A lack of iron in the body can reduce aerobic capacity and impair endurance performance. 

Studies of the nutritional status of athletes in various disciplines have shown females are at greater risk of iron deficiency. This reflects the situation in the general population, with menstruating women being the main risk group for iron deficiency.

Anti Aging Benefits of Exercise

Anti-Aging Benefits from Excersie

We have all heard it so many times, exercise is good for the heart, keeps you slim, and makes you feel good. But I find that people forget just how good exercise is at slowing down aging. Have you ever wondered if your intense exercise program was shortening your life? Could raising your metabolic rate over time lead to accelerated aging? According to the medical literature…apparently not. In fact most of the research indicates that sports such as XC skiing, bicycling and running extend life span.  There are over thirteen thousand papers in the medical literature on exercise therapy.

Do Men Go Through Menopause?

Menopause in Men

Andropause, somatopause, and other age related hormone changes in men.

By the time men are between the ages of 40 and 55, they can experience a phenomenon similar to menopause, called andropause.  Alternative names for Andropause have been suggested including the Male Menopause, Androgen Deficiency in Aging Male (ADAM) and Partial Androgen Deficiency in Aging Male (PADAM)[i].

Boulder residents on synthetic estrogen no more! Different Hormone Therapy Formulations May Pose Different Risks for Heart Attack and Stroke

Heart Attack risks from synthetic estrogen

Steve Parcell, ND

Study: Different Hormone Therapy Formulations May Pose Different Risks for Heart Attack and Stroke

We at NatureMed, especially Kelly Parcell, ND, in Boulder are known for doing quite a bit of natural hormone replacement. Here is a post from Cedars Sinai demonstating that what we have been saying for years is trure. Natural hormones are safer.

Flint Lead Poisoning Easily Treated

Flint Michigan Water

By Steve Parcell, ND

I had to write about this today as I heard about the crisis in Flint, MI again in the news. As a certified expert in chelation I think I know something about lead.The media is not talking about how to mitigate the lead levels IN PEOPLE only the water. This needs to be discussed. A book could be written about the deleterious effects of lead on humans but lets just put it this way...its bad.

Estrogen and Heart Disease

Estrogen and Heart Disease

Starting in the fifth decade of life, during perimenopause and manifesting in a more pronounced way in the sixth decade when complete menopause has established itself, chronic diseases may begin to emerge in many women.

Menopause is characterized as a decrease in sex steroid hormones  (testosterone estrogen, and progesterone) due to ovarian (gonadal) failure. This decrease in hormones affects hormone responsive organ systems such as the cardiovascular system, bone and the nervous system.

Comment on Velo News article "Cycling to Extremes Are endurance athletes hurting their hearts by repeatedly pushing beyond what is normal"?

Are endurance athletes hurting their hearts

Great article. The three main problems masters athletes need to get screened for are plaque in the arteries (atherosclerosis), electrical disturbances (arrythmia), and unhealthy changes to the wall of the heart muscle (cardiomyopathy). One thing that the article failed to mention is the importance of prevention through detailed screening. EKG, stress echo and calcium scoring can be used to evaluate whether an athlete needs to back off on exercise. Conventional medicine is not great at this type of screening because it is geared toward intervention once the problem has occurred!

Should Niacin Still be Used for Cholesterol?

Niacin for Cholesterol

A recent European study concluded that niacin (nicotinic acid, B3) had too many side effects and is not worth using. The media quickly got on board to spread the news. The study was funded by Merck pharmaceuticals, the makers of the statin drug Zocor. Two grams of extended-release niacin and 40 mg of laropiprant or a matching placebo daily was given. The primary outcome was the first major vascular event (nonfatal myocardial infarction, death from coronary causes, stroke, or arterial revascularization).

Cancer Cell Analysis and Chemotherapy Sensitivity Testing

Chemotherapy Sensitivity Testing

Each patient's cancer has a specific genetic and molecular signature that may dramatically affect how it will respond to different treatments. These test are availible through our clinic in Boulder, CO.

Tumor cell analysis

N-of-One (biopsy specimen needed). Caris Diagnostics (biopsy specimen needed).These may help determine any specific signaling molecules evident on the surface or interior of the cancer cell.

Understanding Heart Scans Boulder

Understanding Heart Scans

How to Interpret a Heart Scan / Calcium Score

By Steve Parcell, ND

A heart scan is a very useful way to individualize a patient’s care in my Boulder patient population. It allows the clinician to stratify risk in a way that blood test cannot. Calcium scoring has been found to be more accurate at predicting risk than blood tests. A heart scan tells you how much calcified plaque you have as well as which arteries are effected.

New Treatment Removes Arterial Plaque, Helps Cholsterol

Removes Arterial Plaque

Plaquex is now available at NatureMed. Its an intravenous form of purified phosphatidyl choline (PC). PC is a phospholipid and works to increase something called reverse cholesterol transport (the removal of cholesterol from the vascular system).  Heres what it does: lowers LDL, raises HDL, lowers triglycerides and reduces plaque in arteries. Plaque in arteries is still the number one cause of heart attacks. Oral forms are also available but less effectiveness than the IV form. 

Natural Treatment of Hypertension

Being male puts a patient at increased risk of getting cardiovascular disease (CVD) mostly because men get CVD approximately 10 years earlier then women. Increased risk begins at 55 for men and 65 for women. Hormonal factors are hypothesized to be responsible for this difference in risk. Overall risk of hypertension does differ appreciably between men and women. Because hypertension is an important modifiable risk factor one could argue that aggressive early detection and treatment in the male population could help to delay the progression of CVD

Reverse your Plaque

Arterial plaque can be reversed with my program here at NatureMed in the greater Boulder - Denver area.

By Steve Parcell, ND

The program includes advanced blood work with detailed interpretation, nutritional supplementation, prescriptions if needed and diet advice. Additional asessment includes carotid artery and cornary artery imaging. Chelation therapy is also a consideration for some patients. I know it works becouse I measure plaque before and after treatment.

Chelation Helps Prevent Heart Attacks

Here is the abstract from the latest study of intravenous chelation therapy. The authors conclude that it is an effective and safe treatment. 

Am Heart J. 2014 Jul;168(1):37-44.e5. doi: 10.1016/j.ahj.2014.02.012. Epub 2014 Apr 2.

EDTA chelation therapy alone and in combination with oral high-dose multivitamins and minerals for coronary disease: The factorial group results of the Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy.

Should you Take Niacin?

Niacin is very helpful is the control of atherosclerosis when used properly. It lowers bad cholesterol, raises good cholesterol and lowers triglycerides. Its is the most effective agent for increasing cholesterol particle size. Size matters when is comes to what cholesterol  particles do in your bloodstream. With proper guidance there are no side effects ti taking niacin. I very rarely see elevated liver enzymes or increased blood sugar. People who are diabetic generally should not take it but may be able to handle a small dose. Studies prove that it can reduce plaque!