Integrated Cancer Support

Integrative oncology providers (ND Oncs) play an important role in cancer care, seeking to educate, help manage side effects of cancer treatment, improve overall response, help prevent recurrence, and to optimize health. To help achieve positive patient outcomes, ND Oncs use a wide range of natural therapeutics and supportive strategies based on clinical trials, long-standing

Pellets for Hormone Replacement

Although there are only a handful of hormones that we focus on for Bio-identical Hormone Replacement therapy (BHRT), there are many ways to apply these hormones. There are pills, patches, creams, gels, nasal sprays, sublinguals, suppositories, injections and pellets. There is a place for many of these applications and it is very patient specific, however some applications provide optimal response in the body more than others.

Low Testosterone Treatment

Both our medical doctor and the staff naturopathic doctors have done extensive training in natural (bioidentical) hormone replacement. Dr. Steve Parcell is board certified in anti-aging medicine through the American Academy for Anti-aging Medicine (A4M). We offer all types; from hCG to testosterone injections, creams and pellets. * These prescriptions may be covered by insurance. NatureMed has

Carotid Artery Imaging (CIMT)

Integrative cardiology Denver and Boulder. Dr. Steve Parcell is the local expert on preventive cardiology, alternatives to statin drugs and similar concerns. Many people today are concerned about the potential side effects of statin drugs and high blood pressure medications.

Were you given a prescription for a medication to control cholesterol by your doctor but are not sure if you should take it? Do you question whether you even have plaque in your arteries? Now there is an easy way to see if you have plaque.