HCG Injections



Ever since British physician Dr. Simeons published the original study in 1954 there’s been controversy about this diet. Approximately ten studies have been conducted with mixed results. One of the reasons for the mixed results is that they use different protocols. We decided, years ago, to try the protocol based on the original work of Dr. Simeons with  slight adjustment in the hormone levels. In short, we found that this protocol worked. Dr Simeons weight loss protocol is the first of its kind which linked the connection between hormones and the body’s ability to shed fat mass.

Here’s how it works

Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone released during pregnancy that affects hunger, sensitivity to pain and mood. It is thought that during pregnancy one of the benefits is that in times of limited food supplies it preserves muscle and helps the body burn fat instead.

In a 1973 study on HCG that was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition researchers found that the mean weight loss and the mean percentage of starting weight that was lost were significantly greater in the HCG group than in the placebo group. 20 female patients who had a 500 calorie diet received injections of 125 international units of HCG. This group was compared with 20 female patients on the same diet receiving placebo injections. It was found that the HCG patients were less hungry and generally felt better. Responses to daily questioning regarding hunger and feeling of well-being in the study were consistent with this view.

Commercial preparations of hCG contain beta  endorphin. Exogenous HCG accumulates in the hypothalamic region. In animal studies it was found that the administration of HCG decreased the synthesis of adipose tissue. In other studies it was found that HCG increased the metabolism of injected fat emulsions suggesting the acceleration not only of fat oxidation but also increased ketone production in the liver and its utilization in peripheral tissues. The beta endorphin content in hCG may account for the feeling of well-being described by many patients. It is very likely that obesity may be partly due to a disturbance in the hypothalamic regulation of body weight which is mediated by a neriohormonal mechanism affecting adipose tissue stores.

In summary, once administered, HCG accumulates in the hypothalamic region of the brain. The beta-endorphin content in the HCG molecule accounts for the opioid like modulation in the hypothalamic area affecting mood. Under HCG treatment the hypothalamus secretes a fat mobilizing substance that also inhibits the creation of new body fat. The burning of fat is selective leading to the change in body contour.

This program has proven to be safe and effective in helping people lose weight. We have seen patients overall health improve as well, including lowering blood pressure, improving blood sugar levels, enhancing other hormone levels, and lowering cholesterol. Although this diet is very low in calories, our patients are rarely hungry or tired.

It’s important to note that only HCG injections work. No studies have been done on over-the-counter HCG drops. It must be injected into the muscle.

Our program at NatureMed in Boulder Colorado includes the following:

  • Office Visit and explanation of the program, risks, benefits
  • Description of the specific 500 calorie diet
  • Copy of Pounds and Inches chapters by Dr. Simmeons
  • Training in the self administration of the daily injections
  • Hormone, syringes and needles
  • Dietary counseling and guidance on how to come off of the program for long term successful weight loss
  • We offer 40 day treatment cycles

Our approach to this program ensures that patients continue to lose weight and feel great without HCG.  HCG injections must be approved by our medical doctor.

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