Alternatives to Prescription Drugs


Some people do not tolerate statin medications. There are alternatives that work but patients should not go it alone. Cholesterol is only a small part of what gives people atherosclerosis but it should still be addressed. Cholesterol is essential for life but also involved in atherosclerosis, strokes and heart attacks. Humans make important adrenal and sex hormones from cholesterol but if you have the wrong type of cholesterol your risk of an early death from a heart attack is increased.

What is the wrong type? It goes beyond just good and bad cholesterol. It has to do with particle size and number, inflammation, and oxidation. Small particles are bad as well as oxidized cholesterol. Some people are intolerant to statin drugs, others just don’t want to take them. I have developed a program for modifying cholesterol that uses the latest testing technology along with alternatives to statin drugs.

The program is outlined in my book “Dare to Live” and also available to patients at my clinic. If you are serious about heart attack prevention and want to reverse heart disease with natural alternatives to statin drugs you need to get started now!