Ryan Phillips, ND
Ryan Phillips, ND

About Ryan Phillips, ND

Ryan Phillips, ND, MPH, BCB, CHES earned his doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in 2020 and his Master of Public Health in 2021. In addition to 4 years of training in primary care, herbal/botanical medicine, physical medicine, nutrition, and behavioral medicine, he also completed extra rotations and coursework in biofeedback therapy and pediatrics. He earned his BCIA board certification as a biofeedback practitioner in 2021. Dr. Phillips is a member of the PsychANP, PedANP, AANP, and CoAND.

Behavioral and Mental Health Treatment Focus

So far in his career, Dr. Phillips has primarily focused on behavioral medicine working with patients experiencing anxiety, panic disorders, depression, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, and other mental health challenges. He enjoys working with pediatric, adolescent, and adult populations and has found a ‘mind-body’ approach to be highly effective. These tools are equally applicable to conditions such IBS, functional digestive disorders, insomnia, chronic pain disorders, etc. At NatureMed, Ryan is excited to expand his areas of focus and dive deeper into chronic conditions as a member of a diverse integrative team.

Dr. Phillips earned a B.A. in Global Studies in 2003 which led to over a decade of work in remote corners of the Indian Himalayas. During this time, he organized underdeveloped communities to establish schools, health centers, and a regional ambulance service. He helped to train village women as health workers and mobilized communities to prevent disease through hygiene, sanitation, and vaccination initiatives. Ryan now lives in the foothills with his wife and four children where he enjoys an active lifestyle of cycling, hiking, and mountaineering. He also enjoys international travel and has trekked extensively throughout Nepal, India, Tibet, Bhutan, and the Andes.

Area Of Focus

The “mind-body medicine” approach treats mental health conditions at a systems level instead of dividing up mental health and physical health into separate professions. Commonly used tools and approaches include, biofeedback therapy, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, visualization exercises, and autogenics.

Biofeedback uses simple monitors to measure how our body responds to certain stressors and stimuli. We can see in real-time how mental triggers lead to significant reactions in the body, such as heart rate variability. Once we become aware of these responses, it is possible to learn practices which change how the body reacts. This retrains the mind and the body to let go of triggers, and respond to stressors in a healthy balanced way. Biofeedback is a powerful tool in anxiety treatment.

Children are full of vitality and resilience, but they also live in a world of physical, mental, environmental, and social challenges. They have a robust innate capacity to heal, self regulate, and thrive which should be tapped into and supported by every member of a child’s care team. NatureMed is currently open to children 8 and older.

The health of the GI tract impacts every system in the body and vice versa. Treatments which focus on the gut alone often produce limited results. Naturopathic Doctors use a holistic approach to acute, chronic, and functional gastrointestinal conditions.

Naturopathic Doctors are trained to use physical tools such as hydrotherapy, soft tissue work and stretching, Naturopathic manual therapy, and various technologies to relieve pain, improve function, and reprogram the relationship between the mind and body.