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Landrey Fagan

Dr Landry Fagan

Dr. McCowen received her medical degree from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine in 1999. She is also board certified in Family Medicine. After residency she attended the American Board of Holistic Medicine review course for several years and in 2010 she was certified in Integrative Medicine by the ABIHM.

Dr. McCowen started her health care journey as a Registered Nurse, and during her nursing career she became interested in lifestyle and natural supplements as a pathway to health. She has maintained this interest throughout her career and brings a great balance of care to the table at NatureMed. Being a part of the NatureMed team has been wonderful as it gives her a chance to use her integrative medicine skills to the full extent, as for most of her career she has worked in conventional medical settings.

Family is very important to Dr McCowen. she and her husband are grateful to live close to their two daughters and grandchildren.