5 Natural Cancer Treatments Worthy of Attention

natural cancer treatments

As a Naturopathic practice we continually look for natural ways to treat cancer. There are many promising natural cancer treatments in use, or being studied, and in this post we touch on five different topics and associated studies.

Interrupt Cancer Growth with Metformin

Metformin is a drug that is used primarily to lower blood sugar in prediabetic or diabetic patients. In recent years, research has shown the benefits of Metformin for arresting cancer cell growth as well.

Metformin affects multiple key processes related to cell growth, proliferation, and survival through a number of pathways. It decreases the amount of glucose produced by the liver and reduces the bloodstream level and cellular uptake of insulin. The reduced insulin stimulation results in reduced activation of insulin receptors on cell membranes, triggering a cascade of intracellular molecular pathways that may be activated in different types of cancer cells.

We recommend the use of Metformin to most cancer patients.


Intravenous Vitamin C Shows Promise for Targeting Cancer Stem Cells

A 2017 Science Daily article discusses the effectiveness of Vitamin C in targeting cancer stem cells. Cancer stem cells fuel tumor growth and are the main cause for tumor metastasis. Intravenous ascorbate (Vitamin C) is the most effective natural (non-toxic) agent that researchers have found so far. Read the Science Daily article: Vitamin C effective in targeting cancer stem cells.


Intravenous Vitamin C Studies

Intravenous (IV) Vitamin C was studied in patients with breast cancer who were treated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The study found that patients who received IV Vitamin C had a better quality of life and fewer side effects than those who did not. A study of IV Vitamin C was done in patients with cancer that were not responding to conventional treatment. Vitamin C was shown to be a safe and effective therapy to improve physical, mental, and emotional functions. Symptoms of fatigue, nausea and vomiting, pain, and appetite loss all got better.

In a small study of patients with advanced pancreatic cancer, IV Vitamin C was given along with chemotherapy and treatment with a targeted therapy. Patients had very few bad side effects from the Vitamin C treatment. The nine patients who completed the treatment had stable disease as shown by imaging studies. In another small study of nine patients with advanced pancreatic cancer, patients were given chemotherapy in treatment cycles of once per week for three weeks, along with IV Vitamin C twice per week for four weeks. These patients had diseases that did not progress for a period of months. The combined treatment was well tolerated, and no serious side effects were reported.


Ultraviolet Blood (UVB) Irradiation Helpful in T-Cell Lymphoma

NatureMed owns a state of the art PhotonX (UVB) machine and enrolled in an FDA study on pain when we acquired the machine. While researching the treatment in detail we found a number of studies on its use for lymphoma.

Extracorporeal photopheresis (ECP) (also known as Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation or UVBI) has been used for the treatment of advanced stage or treatment refractory cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) since 1987, and more recently has also been shown to be of benefit for earlier stage resistant CTCL. A study, referenced below, showed that the twelve-month response to ECP was 90%: 15 patients (75%) had complete responses, three (15%) had partial responses, one had stable disease, and one progressed.

STUDY: J Drugs Dermatol. 2016 Oct 1;15(10):1212-1216. 75% Complete Response and 15% Partial Response to Extracorporeal Photopheresis Combined With Other Therapies in Resistant Early Stage Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma.


Mistletoe Injections (Helixor) for Cancer

This interesting article by Johns Hopkins Magazine dives into how cancer patients benefit from mistletoe injections: Are Mistletoe Extract Injections the Next Big Thing in Cancer Therapy?

The National Cancer Institute wrote a very balanced and informative article on IV mistletoe. We do offer mistletoe treatments for our patients. NatureMed does not sell to patients or import mistletoe, however, we help our patients understand the literature and guide them with using it. Read the article: Mistletoe Extracts.


Chinese Herbs for Cancer Patients

Did you know that in Japan, Korea, and China, there is a long history of using Chinese herbs in cancer patients with increasing evidence documenting the potential benefits? Delve into this topic with NatureMed’s Dr. Kirsten West’s latest collaborative work with Dr. Yoon Hang John Kim and Dr. Wendy Luo on a Pragmatic Evidence-Based Guide to Using Chinese Herbs for Cancer Patients. In this Insight Paper they explore the four main branches of Chinese medicine: Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Tuina (Massage), and Chinese herbs. They also offer enlightening information on Kampo the Chinese way of healing and how it can be applied to the many aspects of the cancer patient.

The piece wraps up with the controversy of using alternative medicine and gives a pragmatic guideline on using Chinese herbs in cancer patients. Read the article: Pragmatic, Evidence-Based Guide to Using Chinese Herbs for Cancer Patients


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