Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition is a key treatment modality in naturopathic medicine. Naturopathic doctors study nutrition throughout the 4 years of naturopathic medical school. Beginning with bio-chemistry, we are trained in how key nutrients affect physiology, the basis of food intolerance and true food allergies, as well as dietary modification to suit the medical needs of our patients.
I utilize clinical nutrition with every patient. Food is a foundation of health and educating patients on how to use food for medicine is paramount in my practice. Food as medicine has been a main practice in my own life as well and as I have stated before, I always practice what I preach. As a child, food as medicine was enforced in our house. My twin sister and I had medical concerns which required my parents to modify our dietary intake at a young age. Throughout my years of competitive athletics, I experimented with various dietary regimes to enhance my performance. I have walked the spectrum of food bandwagons from veganism to the Zone diet in my own life and with patients over the past 13 years. I will help you find the most tailored food plan to elicit optimal health and healing.