Below you will find a list of services we provide.

Masters Athlete Physical

I understand masters athletes. It helps to be one myself. I compete in cyclocross and road cycling in the Greater Denver/Boulder area. The masters athlete is not a person generally well understood by conventional doctors.  Though older athletes are generally very healthy they may put themselves at risk for heart problems. This is because the heart does not always adapt in a healthy way to intense exercise as one gets older.  We hear about endurance athletes dying of heart related problems. Why is this? The most common causes are:

Preventive Cardiology

Preventive cardiology is an underappreciated specialty in medicine. My practice is primarily focused on science-based complementary and alternative medicine, I use scientific literature to guide my clinical decisions. One of my core interests is the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease using integrative medicine. This is the medicine of the future. It combines the best of modern conventional medicine with nutrition and cutting-edge treatments that improve bodily functions.

Mood Issues

Alternatives to prescription meds do exist. In many cases both can be used together if done carefully.
Psychiatric conditions that respond well to neurotransmitter therapy include: anxiety, depression, insomnia, ADD, ADHD, addiction, dysthymia and some bipolar disorders. We have been treating patients in Boulder for over 12 years using neurotransmitter testing.


Arronding to the World Health Organization phthalates, BPA (bisphenol-A), mercury, lead, arsenic, parabens, PCB's, Cadmium are everywhere! These toxins disrupt hormone cascades in the body, inhibit the bodies ability to detoxify, disrupt kidney and liver function and disrupt the central nervous system.

Did you know that of all the humans tested for styrene levels (one of the most abundant toxins in our atmosphere) there has never been one human found to NOT have detectable Styrene!

Importance of Exercise for Cancer Patients

Cancer and cancer therapy may lead to physical de-conditioning with muscle weakness, loss of stamina, and specific neuromuscular problems secondary to treatment. Scientific data shows that cancer survivors who are physically active have improvement in overall health and longevity. We are a leader in the field of exercise prescription and will work with you to design and implement an exercise and fitness program which develops aerobic capacity, muscle strength and endurance, core strength, balance, coordination and other specific needs.  

Clinical Nutrition for Cancer Patients

Nutrition plays a role in both the prevention and treatment of cancer. We will discuss diet and nutrients in general as these apply to your individual case. Adequate protein, calories and high-nutrient foods are essential if you are undergoing treatment for cancer. As a part of your plan we will recommend dietary options specific to you, including immune boosting foods designed to reduce side effects of cancer treatment. Optimal nutrition can provide you will several benefits including:

Complementary and Alternative Treatments for Cancer Denver, Boulder

We are located in Boulder and serve the greater Denver area. We work with a number of cancer centers and individual oncologists. Integrative oncology is no longer an “alternative” approach to cancer care. Increasingly, prestigious academic cancer centers (for example: Harvard, Memorial Sloan Kettering, MD Anderson, Duke, UCSF) are incorporating integrative oncology within their practice of taking care of patients living with and beyond cancer.