Our Office
Our Products:
We carry high quality natural products that are intended for therapeutic applications. Most of our dietary supplements and herbal medicines are manufactured by companies who not only base the doses and formulas on research, but also hold high standards for manufacturing to ensure therapuetic efficacy.

Dr. Kelly Parcell has nearly a decade of experience in the supplement and herbal medicine industry as a past buyer for Wild Oats Markets (now owned by Whole Foods) prior to becoming an ND. She has visited many factories in the supplement industry and has a keen understanding of the quality and cost that goes into a product. As a buyer in the 1990's, Dr. Kelly was also very involved in the grass roots efforts to protect our access to supplements in support of the DSHE Act. Her knowledge in this field is an asset to our clinic and the level of quality supplements we provide to our patients. 

How to Order:
We have found that is is easier for patients to re-order supplements by calling us or emailing us at or call

We offer 5% discount on a purchase of 3 or more of the same product. There are a few products that are not included in this offer. 

Our dietary supplements and herbal preparations are medicines. The medicinal quaility of the products are altered with excessive heat and shelf time. We cannot control these factors once the product leaves our office. Once a product is opened, we do not accept any returns.
Unopened products are refunded ONLY with the approval of the manufacturer. NatureMed does not manufacture any of the products we carry.