Our Specialty

We are Boulder's Natural Medicine Specialists:

As Boulder's natural medicine experts, our alternative, complementary, integrative and holistic medicine approach provides science-based, natural alternatives for a range of common health care issues serving the Boulder/Denver area.

With easy access from Denver, we are located in Boulder, just off of Hwy 36. Our centers of excellence are family medicine, integrative cancer care, heart disease prevention, comprehensive womens health and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy as well as sports performance optimization and care for competitive athletes.

We define integrative medicine as the marriage between naturopathic and conventional medicine. We are a full service clinic providing physical exams, and prescriptions in addition to all of the cutting edge non-conventional services.

We offer evidence-based natural medicine, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), integrated care and a logical plan for the future.

The benefit of our clinic model is that we have it all under one roof. No more driving around between your naturopathic doctor and your MD office. Frustrations with having your MD question your desires for alternative and natural medicine are over when you become a patient of NatureMed. Our doctors work together to help you get the best of conventional and alternative solutions in the first visit. 

We spend as much time as it takes to understand your concerns and answer your questions. We help you solve your medical concerns by addressing the underlying causes. Our goal is to educate every patient about how to be well and stay well, which saves you money over time. 

We also practice aggressive early detection and prevention of disease so that you can live a long and healthy life.

In addition to a general practice we have centers of excellence in women's health, integrative oncology, sports medicine, anti-aging medicine and heart disease prevention.

What you can expect at the first visit:

Our clinic offers the most unique experience in the state; a patient-focused experience with an MD and ND together.

  • This initial visit lasts up to 90 minutes.
  • Pertinent physical exam can be expected at the initial visit.
  • Blood work may be done as deemed necessary by the doctors. Lab prices vary based on the testing and each patient is informed of these prices before leaving the office.
  • An individualized, comprehensive and prioritized treatment plan will be provided.
  • This plan will include, dietary guidelines and dietary supplements and/or prescriptions if necessary. Those who need prescriptions will have a separate visit with NatureMed MD, Sandra McCowen.

In order to provide this level of expertise, time and attention to patients, we do not contract with insurance. Our invoices do provide all information needed to help you submit your insurance claim.

Our first visit cost is $350. Lyme patient first visit cost is $450. Cancer patient first visit cost is $450.

Follow up visits are charged based on time. Prices vary between $140-$180 on average.

Dont delay, call today for your initial visit with Boulders natural medicine experts: 303-884-7557